Pip Calculator

Accurate pip value calculator covering all relevant instruments and asset classes.

Lot Size Calculator

Lot size and position size risk calculator to calculate the recommended units...

Pivot Point Calculator

Accurate Pivot Point Calculator to know exactly what will be the next day pivot level and the three levels of support and resistance of an instrument.

Fibonacci Calculator

Use this accurate Fibonacci levels calculator to quickly plot the hypothetical Fibonacci retracement or extension levels of several financial...

Margin Calculator

Crypto Margin & Leverage Calculator: Calculate accurately the amount of funds used to open a trade based on lot size...

Profit Calculator

A Profit Calculator to calculate the profit or loss value in money and pips of a trading position using live market data, trade direction and lots traded.

Compounding Calculator

Use our Compounding Calculator to accurately simulate how a trading account can grow over time with a chosen gain percentage per trade.

Drawdown calculator

Use our Drawdown Calculator to accurately calculate how your trading account equity can be affected after a series of losing trades.

Risk of Ruin Calculator

Calculate the peak-to-valley drawdown and the probability of reaching the maximal drawdown based on the win/loss rate and risk percentage

Position Size Calculator

Use our Position Size and Risk Calculator to easily calculate the recommended lot size, using live market quotes, account equity, risk percentage and stop loss.